thea home hotel


Thea Home Hotel is strongly encouraged to present it self with a small introduction which connects its past with its present, but most of all because it offers a ground for entrepreneurship which might spark new motives and goals. The Papadavid family, after living for almost two decades in New York City as emmigrants, have invested their lives, in order to suceed in returning back to their homeland and make their living with a bed n breakfast. Thea Home hotel was completed in the early 80’s and started operating formally in 1984. Ever since, the hotel under the family’s management and the visitors’ love with which they embraced the place till today, has been through a process of renovation and expansion that brought the establishment to its present state. Recently, after some thoughtful discussions with visitors with whom we elaborated on our family’s experience, our efforts and hopes have been reinvented, towards a life dream of “Bringing Camphill to Skopelos”!
The international movement of Camphill accommodates and facilliates autonomy to people with disabilities. The organization was initially founded during the second world war by refugees mainly of jewish origin when it started incorporating people regardless of abilities, skills or nationality and its ideology stands as a reaction to fascism and elimination of differences. There are over 20 countries around the world where camphill has taken place, and our vision is to become part of this movement along with the values which live on the borders between tradition and novelty, esoteric development and external change, reaction and creativity.
Please visit our home page on: 5% of the total cost of your stay will be donated for the project that Papadavid family has for Camphill on Skopelos island.